3 Celtic youngsters to look out for in 2020

3 Celtic youngsters to look out for in 2020

3 Celtic youngsters to look out for in 2020

Breaking through at Celtic isn’t easy. You have to pass through several tricky academy steps to make it to the top. James Forrest and Callum McGregor were lucky to succeed. On the other hand, Ryan Christie’s excellence helped him make it from the development squad.

Who, then, could be ready to follow the steps of these successful men? Here are three Celtic stars to watch out for in the New Year.

Scott Robertson

After his spectacular debut for Celtic against Cluj some weeks ago, young Scott Robertson is still fresh in the mind of many. 

In spite of the heated battle, the midfielder demonstrated composure, a stable touch on the ball, and a quick turn as he offered his club the support it needed to move forward. The Europa League team he was playing against needed to win, but the youngster played his role well.

Consequently, Neil Lennon praised Scott’s debut as terrific and delightful. 

Even though there’s stiff competition for his position, shaking his performance in Romania isn’t easy. Fans are likely going to see more of Scott for the rest of the season. 

Karamoko Dembele

Although his introduction to first-team football against Cluj was far from impressive, Karamoko Dembele continues to shine at the youth level. 

His debut against Hearts in May was great as he got the better of Aaron Hickey and almost scored. It is anticipated that Dembele will get more appearances in 2020. 

Dembele has been around for a while. Yet it can be surprising to learn that he is only 17. Perhaps, that’s why he has caught the attention of managers at the international and club level.

Hopefully, he will get the rare chance in the first-team again if he sticks among the reserves for the next few months. He will certainly develop more seriously during this season. 

Luca Connell

Despite being an authentic contender for the first-team matches, Luca Connell joined the development squad when he signed the contract with Celtic. 

However, his regular training with the first-team and inclusion in Ireland’s senior international squad makes his Celtic breakthrough look certain. Additionally, Connell’s right in the heated Betfred Cup gives more evidence of his certain future in Celtic’s top squad. 

Interestingly, however, Connell’s season has been dull. He even missed a spot in the Betfred Cup and wasn’t on the bench when Celtic lost against Cluj. 

Nevertheless, Celtic has been greatly admired his progress. Perhaps, it is the scintillating talent ahead of Connell that challenges him so much. It’s quite a task to replace stars like Callum McGregor and Scott Brown.