Record 14 Million Tickets For Euro 2020-UEFA

Record 14 Million Tickets For Euro 2020-UEFA


UEFA Euro 2020 is all set to start from June 2020 till July 2020. The event will be the 16th one where the twenty-four teams from the qualifying stage will chance their luck. Portugal had a thrilling final against the mighty French when they scored the winner in the last few minutes before the shootout. This year it is promised to be bigger and better. As this will be the first time the competition will be held across the continent in 12 major cities. The exciting matches have called more people out and ready to fill the stadiums.

The Ticket Record:

Since the craze for football has doubled over the recent years, more people are looking forward to witness the live matches. The television sets don’t deliver the excitement that people are looking forward to in this all power sport. More people are now looking to make a move to the stadium since the number of host cities has been increased this edition. As the matches will be played in different cities across Europe it gives chance to many fans at the same time. There has been a record breaking 14 million tickets requested initially which has been the highest up till now. Since the fans want every bit of the live action there has been unusual peaks in demands for tickets. St Petersburg, Budapest and London have made the highest demands for tickets. More than half of the tickets demanded are from the locals of the host nations. This shows that how much the citizens of the host nations are excited and geared up to witness their favourite heroes in action. The two semi-finals have a request of 1.5 million tickets each. The final at Wembley has about 1.2 million requests up till now. However, the window for tickets request has now been officially closed. The later stage of the tickets process will start after the official draws for the tournament that are to be held in November 2019. The ‘follow my team’ package is something for the locals of the host nation as they will be directly receiving the tickets for these matches.

The Host Cities:

As it was stated that the number of cities hosting the matches have been increased significantly. This is to ensure that all the supporters get equal chances of supporting their team in the stadium. This had a major effect on the tickets request as everyone wanted to be in the stands to cheer out and back their team. The cities include London, St Petersburg, Budapest, Rome, Baku and many more. Six nations that include Ireland, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania, Scotland and Denmark will be welcoming a major European tournament for the first time. The host nations will have a total of five matches in the competition, two of which will be knockout games. Since knockout games are do or die for any team you can assume that the stadiums are going to be sold out with thousands outside the stadium.