The 5 Most Famous Sports Betting Conspiracies and Controversies

The 5 Most Famous Sports Betting Conspiracies and Controversies

The 5 Most Famous Sports Betting Conspiracies and Controversies

Are you a conspiracy theorist? Well, if you comment on any of the sports or even give your opinion about it then you are a conspiracy theorist. Every opinion can become a conspiracy, even if you are commenting on a fair game or a competition is also a conspiracy. Therefore, the betting conspiracies of sports are as old as sports are. You might note some sports betting conspiracy theories and controversies from the 20th century and onwards. Some of these theories are not real or are made up. But we will discuss the real conspiracy theories that have been a part of sports history now.

Famous 5 Sports Betting Conspiracies and Controversies:

We will be discussing the real conspiracy and controversy theories in this article of the world’s famous sports players.

  1. Muhammad Ali’s Famous Phantom Punch:

In the history of boxing, Muhammad Ali’s famous Phantom Punch was against Sonny Liston. This was in February 1964 and was a controversial and pivotal incident at that time. Liston could not recover from that punch as this heavy-weight champion and the hero hit him badly. This was all followed by a light punch too due to which Liston fell on the mat in the initial stage of the round only. Linton faced casualty as he couldn’t recover, but Mohammad Ali was awarded the TKO. This punch was spectacular and built a strong place in sports history to be remembered.

  1. The Flu Game Theory of Michael Jordon:

The flu game of Michael Jordon was against Utah Jazz that happened in 1997. This happened in the NBA final when this 35-point game performance took place. A night before Game 5, a pizza was delivered in Jordon’s room. His team ordered this sketchy pizza that was delivered by almost five men late at night. Michael ate the pizza and around 2 am he got sick.

  1. Michael Phelps Lost the Battle but Won the Award:

In 2008, Michael Phelps had an awful start to his 100-meter butterfly at the Beijing Games. The most amazing part is that a miracle happened and he was able to finish it and achieving the gold. The replayed showed that Michael was being defeated by Cavic. Due to his electronic touchpads, he was able to win. The pads were extra sensitive that helped Michael to move his hands in water forcefully in the down stroke ways.

  1. The Handball Murder of Diego Maradona:

Diego Maradona was an Argentinian soccer player who played and showed his famous handball murder in the 1986 World Cup against England. Diego hit the ball so hard with his hand that the ball went over by punching the England goalkeeper’s head and then went into the net, making a perfect goal. There was no infraction called because the referees were not able to see the handball.

  1. Bobby Riggs Challenging Women at the Battle of Sexes:

The famous Tennis Player Bobby Riggs challenges Billie Jean King who was a women player. This happened in 1973 when this match was named the Battle of Sexes. Bobby had to see if a female player could defeat a decent male player or not. Riggs was dismantled by King that lead people to believe that it was done purposely by Riggs so that he could get away with the match himself.