The History of Sport betting

The History of Sport betting

The History of Sport betting

It is interesting to note that even as some authorities are fighting the existence of sports betting, it has been around as long as the sport has existed. Indeed, the history of sports betting is almost synonymous with the history of sports. Betting in sports takes the purpose of sports o a whole new exciting level. It does so by introducing stakes at a personal level in the game. 


2000 Years of Sport betting

Records show that the first recorded sports betting activity took place over 2000 years ago. The first-ever betting activities took place in Greece. Sports-betting is closely associated with the advent of the Olympics. Therefore, it is said that the first betting was on athletics. The activity was then exported to other regions of the world starting with Rome as is true with other passions of the Greek people. The ancient Romans seem to have been the immediate beneficiaries of the Greek art and other indulgences such as sports betting. Indeed, once the Romans accepted and embraced Olympics and sports betting, they legalized sports betting. The Romans took particular interest in gladiator games betting. Soon, betting faced vicious opposition from religious circles. However, it survived the onslaught in Rome.


The Fight against Sport Betting

As mentioned earlier, the first groups to oppose sports betting were religious. They formulated laws that forbid betting. Therefore, betting went underground for a while. Effectively, it meant that while on the face of things it seemed there was no betting, people would close themselves up in houses and hide in bushes to bet over forthcoming or ongoing sports events.


Gambling in England

In England, there seemed to be an obsession with horse racing. Consequently, sports betting in England started with horse racing events. Therefore, gaming in sports took root and became a household activity especially during horseracing events in England and the neighboring regions. 


Gambling in America

The English are credited with taking gambling to the Americans. Horse racing quickly became a favorite activity among the American lot. It is worth noting that if betting were to be regarded as a fever, then the Americans caught a stronger fever than the English. For many years American cities such as Las Vegas have led the world in gambling. Las Vegas made sport betting a legal activity in the on-land casinos way back in the 50s. The move gave some legitimacy to the activity to the activity in the eyes of the public. The only challenge was that you could only be allowed to bet within the casino house. Thus, people had to walk great distances to bet. Owing to such challenges, many people still placed bets with bookies operating illegally. Although the local bookies operated illegally, they were largely ignored by the authorities.


Online Sport betting

Online betting gave impetus to the gaming industry. The distance barrier was finally removed. Europe still retains the lead in sports betting, thanks to its flourishing football leagues. Europe and America are not the only regions obsessed with gambling and sports betting. Betting is now a popular pastime activity across the globe, thanks to the internet.


A Never-Ending Battle

It is apparent that the opposition to betting by society and authorities as is the case in the present-day world is not a new phenomenon. It started with the betting nearly 2000 years ago. It is anyone’s bet, therefore, no pun intended, that sports-betting is here to stay and that the wrangles are not about to die if history is anything to go by.