The Top 5 Twitter Sports Betting Accounts Refer

The Top 5 Twitter Sports Betting Accounts Refer

The Top 5 Twitter Sports Betting Accounts Refer


Depending on whether you are looking to get up to date analysis on betting trends for Sports games or if you are just looking to follow the sports game on its own, it is a good idea to get this information from the proverbial horse’s mouth i.e. the professional sports betting stars who have their presence on social media. And of all the social media platforms that exist today, Twitter is the platform that is best suited for acquisition of news, updates in real-time directly from the sources as well as minute by minute coverage and analysis.


With other platforms such as Instagram that bombard you with visual inputs, Twitter keeps it simple (and short), giving you actionable insights and to the minute breaking news coverage, which are important resources to be a success in sports betting. There are many top sports betting personalities on Twitter today, and in this article,  we will take a look at the top 5 sports betting accounts to watch out for on Twitter.


  1. @JoeFortenbaugh


Joe Fortenbaugh is a podcast sensation in the sports betting niche. He is a part of ESPN’s Daily Wager Podcast and also hosts the morning show, “95.7 the Game”. He is a tough guy who does not think twice in giving his honest opinion on the game and the players. He’s also very culturally sensitive, and has a great sense of humour.


  1. @ToddFuhrman


Todd Fuhrman possesses a ton of insider knowledge, being a former oddsman at Caesars. This knowledge is extremely beneficial, especially for newbies at betting. He has his own podcast, known as the @BetTheBoardPod, and also gives advice and information to several press houses as well. His analysis will help you understand the intricacies of the betting market over a wide range of sporting games from NASCAR to the NFL.


  1. @SportsCheetah


This is the official twitter account of Preston Johnson, who has developed a unique methodology for scouting out winners. He has studied behavioural psychology and uses this educational background to screen out winners in games. If you are looking to short circuit the system and benefit from inefficient methods of running the game, then this is the guy to get your information from. With his piercing insight into the game, you will be able to understand the psychology of winning better.


  1. @RufusPeabody


Every good list needs to have a numbers guy on it. For this list, it is Rufus who wins it. He runs the @BettheProcess podcast breaking down all the relevant numbers for all the betting aficionados looking to make it big in the field of sports betting. All of the analysers stop and listen to what Rufus has to say. And as the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie.


  1. @BFawkesESPN


If you are looking to get the big picture of the sports betting industry as a whole, there is no one better to dissect this than Ben Fawkes. He is not laser focused on just a single game but expands his horizon to cover the entire industry and give you updates on emerging trends.